RC4 Encryption from Command Prompt

WARNING: This is a project I work on during my free time. Althought I try my best to make this as secure and bug-free as possible, you should keep it in mind I am not a profesional and just a programming enthusiast...

A simple Windows command line utility to encrypt/decrypt files using the RC4 algorithm.


 RC4codr [key] [source file path] [destination file path]

1. If the source file is unencrypted, RC4codr encrypts it. If it is already encrypted, it is decrypted.
2. The key must be a single word. Use hyphens (-) if you have to.
3. If a path isn't provided, the files are taken from and saved to the current directory.
4. If the paths contain spaces, they must be enclosed in double quotation marks (",").

1. RC4codr foobar rahul.txt rahul_enc.txt
Encrypts the file rahul.txt with the key 'foobar' and saves it in the same location as 'rahul_enc.txt'

2. RC4codr foobar rahul_enc.txt "C:\New Folder\rahul.txt"
Decrypts the file rahul_enc.txt with the key 'foobar' and saves it in the location 'C:\New Folder\rahul.txt' as 'rahul.txt'

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